Our Vision

“To excel in quality design and consultancy works which are acknowledged and preferred by global customers, in such a way to own the largest world market share and optimal shareholder value, whilst contributing to national and global development in the field of architecture and engineering.”

Our Mission

1. Establish, implement and maintain formal Quality     Management System according to international     standard.

2. Focus on Customer Satisfaction

3. Staff, develop and maintain competent professionals

4. Apply State-of the-Art Technology

5. Maintain appropriate working facilities, necessary     materials and adequate fund

6. Apply the Right Marketing Strategies

7. Undertake environment friendly operations  
Our 7 Values

Ethical operations: Maintaining business operations which are in compliance to the principles of business ethics.

Human development: Establishing and maintaining a situation in which employees can grow in their career and also economically.

Environment consciousness: Ensuring that the company’s business processes, inputs and outputs are environment friendly.

Customer satisfaction: Making ‘Customer Satisfaction’ one of the company’s key success indicators.

Professional outputs: Running internal and external business processes in such a way that the work outputs are in compliance with the professional requirements of the fields of Architecture and Engineering.

National and International growth: Contributing to the growth and development of the countries where the company supplies its service packages.

Continuity: Ensuring that the above mentioned values are maintained permanently and in compliance to the principle of ‘The Going Concern’.   

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